Quality Magazine Style Property  Sales Particulars

We meet with sellers daily and very often they pull out the original sales brochure from when they first bought the property. So don’t underestimate how important brochures are. That’s why ours are stylish, sleek and professionally printed – we think they look great!

We want your input - The description of the house has to be engaging and unique. You have the choice of two different types of descriptions:

1. Factual: We keep it simple, picking out all of the main selling points of the property and talking about what each room has to offer.

2. Emotive: We get creative and produce a lifestyle description. We chat through what made you buy your property and incorporate the reasoning into the description.

In addition, all of our sales particulars will include:

 Detailed Floorplans – which are a very effective way of illustrating the layout and measurements of your property.

 Professional Photography : 

A professionally taken photo is worth a thousand flattering words

Let’s face it, the first thing you do when you look at property advertisements is check out the photos. We can’t stress enough how important these - they alone can lead to a prospective buyer requesting an appointment to view.