Why you should let us
manage your property.

There are many upsides to being a Landlord. Renting out properties in Accra remains a sure bet for regular income or for building up capital for future investment. 

Whether you let out a one bedroom flat or maintain a portfolio of properties, your responsibilities are the same - dealing with dripping taps or leaking faucets, renegotiating leases and  keeping abreast of an increasingly complex legislative environment.

The good news is that we can deal with all of the above and much more on your behalf.


City Spaces manages from individual houses to blocks of flats for over 200 Landlords across all areas of Accra. We have an extensive team based out of our offices in the capital, all of whom come from the property sector and know their local area inside out. We offer a Rent Managed Service, a Fully Managed Service and a Premium Service to cater for varying levels of involvement. Whatever your requirements, our aim is to take the time, worry and hassle away from being a Landlord.

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  • A single point of contact in charge of your property

  • Local experts who have worked in the industry for years, do their own inspections and know the properties they look after intimately

  • 24/7, 365 days a year access to City Spaces' staff to deal with tenancy issues ranging from dampness to debt

  • Over 100 contractors across Accra with whom we have negotiated special rates to carry out everything from maintenance to entire refurbishments

  • Regular contact and updates including video calls if you are based overseas

  • Contractual and legislative advice on renewal negotiations and changing requirements in the law


Over 70% of our tenancies renew repeatedly for an average term of 12 months. Whether you want a light touch approach or you want us to assume responsibility for all of the mechanics that come with letting out a property, we have a service to take care of it.

With City Spaces you can rest assured that we will simply get the job done.

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Benefits include:​