How you can instantly transform your home with art

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

One of the most effective ways of transforming a space is through the use of art. Not only can art instantly bring a space to life, but the right piece can dictate the entire mood of a room and tie a scheme together.

Gallery walls

Gallery walls have been, and continue to be, a popular choice for many homeowners. Transforming any blank space into an exhibition of art, gallery walls can add character and charm to any room. Moreover, displaying a collection of impressive pieces of art can reflect a homeowner’s taste and lifestyle.

Keep all of the artwork in your gallery a similar style and palette, to ensure that nothing looks out of place. Whether you opt for a perfectly symmetrical layout, or a more irregular format, gallery walls look fantastic when framed by darker or duller tones. Picking out key shades within the artwork and using these as accents around a room can also help to make artwork ‘pop’.

Large statement art pieces

One sure-fire way of stopping your guests in their tracks is with an eye-catching statement piece. Large, striking pieces of art can transform a bland, lifeless room into a work of art in itself. Statement pieces work best in larger living areas or spacious foyers, for that all-important ‘wow-factor’. One way to ensure you find the perfect statement piece for your home is to find the piece first and then build your colour scheme and the theme of your room around the artwork, rather than putting a large piece of artwork into an already decorated room, to avoid any clashing colours or textures.

Colourful, abstract prints

For dark or dull interiors, colourful and abstract prints are an excellent way of bringing your room to life, as well as providing a little artistic style. Abstract art also works as a great conversation starter and can even provoke an emotional response amongst guests.

The best thing about abstract art is that it easily ties in with any scheme. Whether it be a muted ‘hygge’ theme, that simply requires a splash of colour, or an opulent midnight blue room that requires something a little moodier. There is a world of abstract art out there at anybody’s fingertips.


There is an ongoing misconception that only the brave and experienced art lovers should showcase sculptures in their homes. In fact, sculptures are an excellent way of adding a little class and intrigue into any interior, and they don’t need to be gigantic, expensive works of art to make an impact. Statement accessories, like lamps, mirrors or frames can work in the place of sculptures, bringing a little charm into your home. Alternatively, if you don’t feel brave enough to have an uncommonly oversized sculpture in the centre of your room, smaller, table-top pieces, or wall-sculptures can be an excellent alternative

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