Once you have accepted an offer the work really starts. Here's a step by step breakdown of what we will do for you:

Once an offer is submitted we will:

Verbally Submit the Offer to You:

Initially we will call you with details of the offer including an outline of the prospective buyer’s ability to purchase.

Negotiate on Your Behalf:

One of our key responsibilities is to negotiate the very best price on your behalf, together with any other terms or conditions that you may wish to impose.

Provide Written Details of all Offers Received:

This is so that you have a written record of who offered, when the offer was made, how much the offer was for and the circumstances of the prospective purchaser.

Thoroughly Check the Credibility of the Offer:

We conduct due diligence to substantiate all offers by investigating a prospective purchaser’s funding arrangements and ability to proceed. Should the buyer be in a chain, we will check progress to ensure it is satisfactory. We will then report to you with our findings, offer our advice, and take instructions as to how you wish to proceed.

When you accept an offer we will:

Confirm Everything in Writing:

A comprehensive memorandum of sale will be issued to you the seller, as well as to the prospective purchaser and the respective solicitors in a timely fashion. This will include details of any special terms or conditions agreed during the negotiations. The memorandum ensures solicitors promptly begin the conveyancing process.

Progress Your Sale:

This is an essential part of the service that we offer. Having agreed a sale, it is vital that the sale is kept on track. We do this by maintaining regular contact with the solicitors and monitoring the chain (if applicable) to ensure satisfactory progress and milestones are achieved within timescales expected. You will receive regular reports by e-mail and telephone depending upon your preference.

  Milestones We Will Monitor Once an Offer is Accepted

  • Solicitors are engaged by both vendor and purchaser

  • Contracts issued by vendor’s solicitor

  • Contract received by purchaser’s solicitor

  • Preliminary enquiries raised by purchaser’s solicitor

  • Local searches applied for by purchaser’s solicitor

  • Mortgage application (if required) is submitted to the lender by the purchaser

  • Mortgage valuation/survey is arranged (if required)*

  • Survey report issued to the buyer (if applicable)

  • Mortgage offer issued (if required)

  • Results of local searches received by purchaser’s solicitor

  • Additional enquiries raised by the purchaser’s solicitor

  • Purchaser’s solicitor has reported to the buyer

  • Contract together with all relevant documents issued to buyer are signed in readiness for exchange

  • Purchaser’s solicitor has requested deposit funds in readiness for exchange

  • Negotiate completion dates with all parties

 Once contracts are exchanged we will:


Advice All Parties of Exchange and agree on arrangements for the handover of keys on the day of completion.


Manage the Handover of Keys from you to the purchaser on the day of completion.