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The Company is internally capitalized by its principals, allowing it to quickly respond to opportunities and close on its commitments without the risks and delays of raising external capital. City Spaces is a privately owned and managed investment company, providing flexibility in financing alternatives, product types, time horizons, and return requirements. The Company’s lean structure and highly liquid capital base allows it to move quickly into markets and investment opportunities.


Sale & Rentals

City Spaces actively pursues the acquisition and rental  of office, industrial and multi‑family properties for redevelopment and repositioning. Our experience and expertise have helped us build a track record of success across multiple property types and economic cycles.

Construction Management

City Spaces has in-house construction and development managers who expertly oversee the planning, design and construction of projects from conception through delivery. We successfully manage our own projects while also selectively providing third party construction management services to clients and investors.


City Spaces targets a broad spectrum of development projects, from ground up to rehabilitation and from commercial properties to luxury residential communities. Our competitive advantage stems from our own strategic positioning, small enough to move rapidly when an opportunity presents itself but robust in expertise and resources. Coupled with a unique attention to design and astute identification of new growth markets, We create developments that achieve financial success while creating dynamic properties and communities for tenants and residents.

Property Management

City Spaces provides on‑site operational management. Residential properties are enhanced by on-site third party property management teams focused on day‑to‑day operations.